Jeremy Hillary Boob PhD.

So little time, so much to know.

Actually so much to do, I have so many projects and ideas I don´t even know which one to focus on, and everytime I start one I end up researching something else which gives me more ideas and so I scrap what I was doing and start digging through the new thing.

I read this is a common ADHD trait, and it´s great to have all these great ideas, but when you´re flying solo it is awful to never actually finish any task. Unless it comes from the company I work for, it seems when losing my job is at stake I get more focused, or maybe it´s just that the briefing and the planning is all there so I just have to walk the line.

Thinking about all this, I´m almost willing to pay someone to nag me about the development of my projects so that I feel like I really need to do it… But maybe I´ll feel like it´s fake and ignore it, just like I did to my telegram bot that everyday sends me messages to do remind me of doing stuff.

It´s painful.

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