About me

My curiosity on how things work and how to do it myself had always driven me to learn a little bit of everything, and because of that I saw myself slowly diving deep into software and game development, since it uses everything related to art, music, automation and interactivity.

I currently work as a Unity developer for advertising, using Python for server side and IOT applications and also Unity for cross-platform client side applications.

I have worked with sound generation and processing, image generation, manipulation and recognition, face detection, multiple purposes algorithms, augmented and virtual reality, a lot of linear algebra and calculus, symmetric and asymmetric encryption and also machine learning using several neural networks architectures.

I am studying for deeper understanding of machine learning, mostly image and sound recognition, generation and processing. Today I find myself marveled mostly by GAN architecture because of the creative aspect of neural networks competing against themselves to generate data.

One of the things I enjoy the most is writing shaders, using the GPU to render graphics only through code was something I always wanted to learn and master. Today this knowledge is really important since all digital experience needs a graphics engine, and in a world of real time raytracing, every millisecond that you can speed up will count after trillions of pixels.

I also develop games on my free time, I have a few games published on the Itch.io platform, but unfortunately I havenĀ“t been able to create new ones recently, because the last few years I have spent most of the time learning about descentralized networking, encryption and AI.